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Southview Preschool

Helping children learn for over 30 years


SOUTHVIEW PRESCHOOL is a ministry of Southview United Methodist Church.  It was established in 1979 to serve the church and surrounding community. 

Southview accepts children of all faiths.  However, we do teach from a Christian perspective.  We tell Bible stories, learn and sing songs about God and Jesus, and pray.  Chapel is held weekly with the Pastor of SUMC.                     Southview Preschool welcomes children of any race, color, or national and ethnic origin.

Our purpose is to provide a warm, nurturing, yet challenging atmosphere in which children can learn and develop physically, socially, emotionally, cognitively, and creatively.


Play is the work of children, and through the serious business of play, children learn best.

Young children are curious and eager to learn.

Young children learn best when engaging in "hands-on" activities.


Lunch Bunch, Car Drop-off and Pick-up, Music, Weekly Chapel, Field Trips, After School Enrichment Classes, 

Multiple Child Discount, Referral Discounts, and More!

Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions

 Southview Preschool shall employ a director, teacher(s), and teachers’ aides who by prior experience, education and interest in fostering development and early childhood education, are qualified to meet the needs of the children enrolled, and who meet the qualifications for their respective staff positions.

All staff members must be of good character and reputation.

All staff members must be able to carry out assigned tasks, and be willing and able to accept training and supervision.

All staff members should be able to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, as applicable to the job responsibilities. Be able to communicate with young children in an appropriate, effective way.

All staff members are required to attend yearly orientation and staff meetings.

All staff members are required to read this ‘Southview Preschool Handbook’ and turn

Signature Page for their employee file.

All staff members are required to report any suspected child abuse to the Director.