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Quotes Wonderful teachers!!! My girl's had so much fun and learned so much. Really felt Southview did everything possible to prepare them for school and in the process made some friends for life. :-) Quotes
Erica McKee

Quotes Preschool parents have reported that some area elementary teachers and administrators state that children who come out of Southview are well-prepared for kindergarten. What a nice recommendation! We are so proud, we just had to share! M.B. Quotes
Mary B.
Not to toot our own horn, but...

Quotes NOTE: THIS LETTER CONTINUES ON THREE TESTIMONIAL SPACES. Dear Future Southview Families, I am writing to share my family's positive experience with Southview Preschool. After visiting and observing classes at several local preschool programs, I visited Southview. I was very pleased with how the teachers interacted with the children and could instantly tell that there was much more than academic learning going on here. I decided to bring my first child to Southview in 2005. As I got to know the teachers more personally, I am sure my first impressions were right! I now have my third child graduating from Southview this year. Quotes

Quotes I have been so blessed by the teachers here. I know that when I drop my child off in the morning he will not only be safe and cared for but also loved with a genuine love. Each of my children has had positive experiences with all of the teachers. There have been many days they would look for a favorite teacher as we pulled into the parking lot. I had one more reluctant child, but as soon as she saw the teacher she would smile and be ready for the day. There have been so many days that the teacher getting my child out of the car would notice and comment on how my child had 'fixed' his own hair or worn a new shirt. Each of the teachers has been a positive influence on my children, whether it is encouraging them to learn, boosting their confidence, or just making them feel loved. I could not have asked for a better group of ladies to participate in the care of my most valuable treasures! Quotes

Quotes As my last baby is leaving preschool and heading to kindergarten it has been a very bittersweet time for me. I know he is ready and that has a lot to do with his teachers at Southview. They have done an outstanding job. I will always have wonderful memories of my children's time at Southview and that is mostly due to the wonderful staff and the love that is showered on the children here. I know my children have and will go into kindergarten with a positive attitude because of having such a positive experience with their teachers at Southview Preschool. My only regret is that none of the teachers will be going with us to kindergarten! But I am actually glad they will stay at Southview because I feel each one of them has been blessed with a gift from God to influence the children that are fortunate enough to be in their classes. I know that my family has been truly blessed to be a part of Southview. I pray that you will have the same wonderful memories here. Quotes
Amy G.

Quotes I just wanted to thank you all for your encouragement, compassion and love shown to Elizabeth while she's attended your preschool. It's truly been a wonderful experience for her and she's grown and learned so much and will truly miss you all in the fall as she goes off to Kindergarten Quotes

Quotes I am grateful for the positive preschool experience my child has had her first year of school. She has learned so much and had so much fun learning. She looks forward to going to school each day and seeing her teachers and friends. I can't say enough good things about the staff, school, and church at Southview UMC. Thank You. Quotes

Quotes The teachers at Southview are so patient and upbeat. They really show love to the children (and their families). For parents with younger children, the curbside drop-off and pick-up is so great! We don't have to get kids in and out of car seats so many times. Thank You. Quotes