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Southview Preschool News   September 2017


The staff at Southview Preschool is thrilled to welcome you to a new and exciting preschool year!

 We have been busy cleaning, moving, reorganizing and decorating the classrooms and bulletin boards, and planning and preparing lots of fun things to do this year!

We are ready to give your child a great start at learning!

Our Director is Mary Boyer.

Our Teachers are Mary Boyer, Emily Stump and Amy Lambert.

Our Teacher Aides are Heather Guthrie and Michell Pimentel.

We are all here to make your child's preschool experience the very best it can be!

You will receive a monthly newsletter and we ask that you read it completely.  You will find information on things such as Special Events, Preschool Programs, Field Trips, Birthdays, Lunch Bunch, Scholastic Book Orders, Fund Raisers, Reminders, etc.  Please read it thoroughly so you and your child won't miss a thing! We can only give you one copy each month. Please put up on fridge when you first get it so it does not get lost.

The Bear Den

These are the names of your childrens' classes.  We hope this makes it easier to follow in the newsletters and information sent home about classes.

  • The Cubs ~ Mrs. Stump's 2 Day (Tuesday, Thursday) 2 year old class
  • The Koalas ~ Mrs. Stump's 3 Day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) 30 month -3 year old class
  • The Pandas ~ Mrs. Lambert's 3 Day class (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and 5 Day class) older 3 year olds
  • The Polars ~ Mrs. Boyer's Pre K class (Monday thru Friday)
  • Calendar
  • At the beginning of each month, attached to the newsletter will be the calendar for that month. The calendar highlights important dates throughout the month. Look for items such as the Letter of the Week (Sunday spaces), Show and Tell topics, Birthdays, Special Programs, Field Trips, School Closings, etc. Keep it handy, as you will find yourself referring to it throughout the month!

    Show and Tell

    The Pandas and Polars will have Show and Tell on Friday of each week.  The first Friday of the month is usually Favorite Things. Other weeks will have a specific topic. Please refer to the Calendar for Show and Tell Topics and please help your child make a Show and Tell selection each week.  Show and Tell is an important part of your child's preschool experience.

    Visit us on the Web      Please check out our website for preschool information.  You will find announcements, pictures, comments, etc. and you can provide us with feedback and email us directly!

  • Facebook  Please follow and 'LIKE' our Facebook Page! You will find closing information, parent tips, pictures of the fun we are having at preschool, field trip reminders, etc. You may post you pictures from field trips to our page also. The director will make sure all children in photos have permission to be posted before the pictures are posted to the page

  • Field Trip to Layman Family Farms

    We love field trips and we are excited to be planning our first field trip of the school year!  We will be visiting Layman Family Farms on Friday, September 22nd.

  • Children in all classes are invited to attend.  Each child must come with a parent or guardian and we will all meet at the farm that morning. There will be no preschool that day.  Our tour will begin promptly at 10:00am.  We will take a wagon ride to the orchard and we will pick our very own apple!  We will get to visit with the farm animals and all the other fun stuff there is to do there!  The cost is $7.00 for each preschooler and $8.00 for each parent and sibling. Under 2 years old are free. Please complete the attached Field Trip form and return with CASH to your child's teacher by Thursday, September 21.This is a super fun field trip for the children.  We hope you will make plans to attend! 

  • Fall Festival

    Mark your calendars for Southview Preschool's 3rd Fall Festival on Saturday, October 14th from 9am until 2pm.!  We ask you all to come and bring your friends and family!  There will be something for everyone!  Games, Bouncy House,  Cookie Walk, Silent Auction, Vendors and Crafters, Concessions and more!

     This will serve as our only fund raiser for the year and we will be asking for your support.  Just think, no going around to your neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers begging them to buy expensive wrapping paper, candy, candles, cookies, etc! Just tell everyone you know about the festival, and volunteer a few hours one day.  The time goes by really quickly, and it actually is a fun event, even for the volunteers!

    The Blessing 

    Each day at preschool, before we have our snack, we will say  The Blessing  The children may ask you to let them say it at home, so here are the words¦.

    We thank you God for happy hearts, for rain and sunny weather.
     We thank you God for this our food, and that we are together.  Amen


    The preschool is a business as well as a ministry of the church.  We must meet our budget obligations for payroll, supplies, insurance, etc.  Therefore, we ask that you please be prompt when paying tuition each month.  Tuition is due on the 1st day of each month. When paying with cash, please send the exact amount, as we do not keep change on hand  Thank youThis month, the Polars were first to pay 100% tuition!! They get to have a snack picnic one day this month!  Work on getting a treat for your child's class next month!

  • Directory

    We will be distributing a Preschool Directory in early October.  This will be a listing of our preschool families, including phone numbers and addresses.  The Directory is compiled for planning school parties, phone trees, arranging play dates, and to enable families to get in touch with one another for carpooling and other events.  Please let us know if you do not want your address and/or phone number included in the listing.  Also, please let us know if any of your information is not correct when you get the directory.

    Scholastic Book Orders

    Scholastic Book Orders will be sent home with each child monthly, usually attached to the Newsletter.  Please take a few moments to browse through the brochure as this is a great way to build your child's library at reasonable prices.  Simply make your selections, indicate your choices on the order form along with the total amount due and return to your child's teacher by the date shown on the order form.  Payment is due when you order and checks must be made payable to Scholastic Books. Please do not send cash!  Thank you.

    Happy Birthday

    Each child will have a day to celebrate their birthday at preschool!  Birthdays will be shown in the newsletter and on the calendar. Children with summer birthdays will celebrate their half birthdays in January, February and March.  If the date shown on the calendar for your child's birthday is not convenient for you, please let your child's teacher know.  Likewise, if we've missed your child's birthday, please let us know.  We want to make sure everyone has their Special Day!  We celebrate birthdays at snack time and ask that you send or bring a special snack for your child to share with the class that day.  Whatever your child enjoys!  Some suggestions might be cookies, brownies, donuts, donut holes, ice cream or even pizza or chicken nuggets!

  •  A Personal Note from Mary

  • I would like to thank everyone for their prayers and get well wishes as I have been recovering from my unexpected health issue.  I know that the school and your children have been in great hands. I have not spent a minute worrying if things were going okay.  I was sorry about all the extra stuff I had to hand over to my coworkers, but knew everything was getting done as it should.   I am just sorry I wasn't there to welcome everyone to the new year.  I know for sure now that God has a twisted sense of humor! I mean His timing was a little pranky at the least! Then again, it will be nice to walk into work after all the conflict and tears have settled.  So maybe I got the better part of the deal, and the prank was on everyone else!  I would also like to thank the Desper family for handling the jungle of a playground for us.  That was one big worry I had that was taken care of easily.  All I had to do was ask.

    Additional Reminders

    • Each child must wear sneakers for play.  No flip flops, sandals or dress shoes will be allowed on playground equipment due to safety concerns.
    • Children should wear comfortable clothing which can be easily washed as we do get messy sometimes!
    • Each child needs a towel for Rest Time and a complete change of clothes in a zip lock bag with their name on it for emergencies. Please remember to put your child's name on all their belongings.
    • Snacks
    • Please check your Snack Calendar to see when your family is assigned to bring snack for class. Remember - NO drinks, please!

    • Thank you Parents!

      Thank you for giving us the opportunity to spend a year in the life of your young child.  We look forward to sharing the school year with these precious children.

    • This Month's Highlights

    • The Month of September is brought to you by:

      Circles,  The color Red,  The numbers 1 and 2,  Same and Different

    • What we are learning about

    • Back to School/Rules

      All About Me / Apples
      Farm Animals

      Happy Birthday to:

      Ashlyn on September 5

      Kaylee on September 7  

      Nicolas on September 9
      Landon on September 17

      Jaap on September 20

      Zach on September 28

    • Show and Tell:

      Friday, September 8  ~ Favorite Thing
      Friday, September 15 ~ Picture of Family
      Friday September 29 ~ Something That's a Circle

    • Soccer Shots:                                                                                    Monday, September 11,  Free Demo Day                                        Mondays, Beginning  September  18 through November 6.

    • Looking Ahead

      Saturday, October 14 ~ Fall Festival 9am until 2pm



   SCHOOL TOURS During the school year, you may make an appointment to tour the preschool by calling the preschool at 362-1767 ext.105.   Arrangements will then be made for a tour. Please leave your name, phone number, and class in which you are interested.  Tours will be scheduled from between 9:30AM to 11:30AM.  You may also schedule an appointment for after school from 12:30PM.  We will work with your schedule as much as possible. 




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Our Philosophy

Play is the work of children, and through the serious business of play, children learn best.

Young children are curious and eager to learn.

Young children learn best when engaging in "hands-on" activities.


Your imagination is the only limit to what we can hope to have in the future.  Charles F. Kettering

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.  Dr. Seuss

I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.  Dr. Seuss

Whether you think you can or think you can't, you are right. ~Henry Ford

 Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!  Dr. Seuss

Learning never exhausts the mind.   Leonardo da Vinci


 I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.  Pablo Picasso

  Think left and think right and think low and think high. Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try! Dr.Seuss